Fred Karger For President - FEC Begins Look in Possible Scheffler Violations in Iowa

WASHINGTON, DC -- In a March 7, 2011 letter released today, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced that it will look into possible election law violations by Steve Scheffler, President of both the Iowa Christian Alliance and the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition.  The FEC notified Mr. Scheffler as well as Fred Karger who filed the original 82 page complaint with the FEC on February 24, 2011. 

Karger contends that Steve Scheffler intentionally left him out of his March 7th Forum after telling the Wall Street Journal that, “all (potential) candidates who have shown the slightest interest in running for President in 2012 would be invited.”  

Scheffler had threatened Karger last May in a personal email stating, “I will work overtime to help ensure that your political aspirations are aborted right here in Iowa.”

Federal Election law strictly prohibits organizers of Presidential debates and forums from using “subjective criteria” when inviting individuals to participate.  Organizers instead must use “objective criteria” which Karger contends Scheffler did not, and intentionally excluded him because he is gay.  

New Complaint Filed Against Steve Scheffler

Last week, Karger filed a 48 page supplemental complaint against Mr. Scheffler based on new evidence from the days leading up to the March 7th Forum at the Point of Grace Church in West Des Moines, and actual statements made by Mr. Scheffler in press accounts and while speaking at the Forum.

To view a copy of the supplemental complaint:  CLICK HERE

“It’s religious-based bigotry pure and simple,” said Karger.  “Mr. Scheffler blatantly violated strict FEC rules governing debates and forums.  Steve Scheffler used subjective criteria for entry into his Forum.  He invited only those he wanted to.”

He Almost Got it Right 

Steve Scheffler even stated in the Des Moines Register prior to the Forum that, “Potential candidates were invited based on objective criteria of viability, fundraising ability, and prior electoral success.”  This cannot possibly be the case. No one has engaged in fundraising for the Presidential race and not all candidates had an electoral history.

“I have added to my original complaint because Mr. Scheffler appears to have committed even more FEC violations,” concluded Karger.  

The Faith and Freedom Coalition Forum provided an in-kind contribution to all the participants by giving them each at least 10 minutes to speak to an audience of up to 2,000 people that included 150 members of the media.  The entire Forum was also broadcast live on CSPAN.  That would amount to millions of dollars in in-kind contributions to the five speakers that night.

Fred to Washington, DC, New York, New Hampshire and Nevada

The next two weeks spell a lot of travel, speeches, meetings and a possible big announcement in Washington, DC.

Here’s the schedule:

Washington, DC -- March 20th to March 24th  
New York – March 24 to March 27th
New Hampshire – March 27th to April 1st
Nevada – April 1st to April 3rd

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