NRCC - Happy Anniversary! Shea-Porter Voted for Job-Destroying Healthcare Law One Year Ago Today

Former New Hampshire Constituents Won’t Forget the Democrat’s Big-Government Record

Washington --- As Carol Shea-Porter is being courted by Washington Democrats to run for her old seat, we can remember that it was exactly one year ago today that she voted for the big-spending, job-crushing healthcare bill that has since become law. Although Shea-Porter lost her job, many ObamaCare supporters are already having regrets as new burdens are being placed on small businesses and the national debt continues to skyrocket. Having fired her once, New Hampshire voters won’t forget Shea-Porter's support for the big-spending, job-destroying status quo that her fellow Democrats continue to defend to this day.

“Carol Shea-Porter's former constituents in New Hampshire won’t soon forget how she marched right alongside the Democrats’ spending spree that preceded the record deficit we now face, and her vote for ObamaCare exactly one year ago today is no exception,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “This makes Shea-Porter's potential comeback attempt doubtful at best, since debt is still being piled onto middle-class families and burdens are still being placed on small businesses throughout New Hampshire as a result of the harmful Democrat policies she supported before she was fired.”

One year ago today, Carol Shea-Porter helped pass ObamaCare in the House. (H.R. 4872, Roll Call Vote #167: Passed 220-211: D 220-33; R 0-178, 3/21/10; H.R. 3590, Roll Call Vote #165: Passed 219-212: D 219-34; R 0-178, 3/21/10)

And despite ObamaCare’s unpopularity, many defeated Democrat Members are still considering running for the old seats they lost in November 2010:

“Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (N.Y.) has formed an alumni association of members defeated in the landslide 2010 election in an effort to capitalize on their political knowledge and connections to help the party regain the House majority next November.

“The group, which includes members who lost their re-election bids as well as those who retired last cycle, first met during last year's lame-duck session of Congress. They now huddle by phone once or twice a month with Israel and DCCC recruiting chair Allyson Schwartz (Pa.) leading the chat. Roughly 90 percent of the Democrats who lost in 2010 participate.” (Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake, “Steve Israel's alumni association,” Washington Post’s The Fix Blog, 2/16/11)

As Carol Shea-Porter decides whether to run for the seat she lost in November, New Hampshire voters should remember how it was exactly one year ago today that she voted for the deficit-busting spending and red tape that ObamaCare brought with it. And this vote is simply one in a pattern of supporting the Democrats’ job-crushing spending spree that they continue to advocate today, which makes Shea-Porter's chances for regaining her old seat rather unlikely.