HCCA Statement on Anniversary of President Obama’s Health Care Reform

Alexandria, VA – Eric O’Keefe, Chairman of the Health Care Compact Alliance, released the following statement to mark the anniversary of the President’s signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

“It is clear that the President was right about one thing:  the American health care system was financially unsustainable.

Proponents claimed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would address the symptoms.  But the early evidence is that it limits freedom and increases costs.  This is evidenced by the 1,040 waivers granted to states and organizations that sought exemptions from new regulations.

Our healthcare system is too large and too complex to manage at the federal level  -- and too important to be debated outside the earshot of citizens. The Health Care Compact enables citizens to engage in the policy process at the state level, and to prescribe laws that match the needs of their communities.”

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About the Health Care Compact

The Health Care Compact is an initiative of the Health Care Compact Alliance. The Health Care Compact is an agreement between participating states that restores authority and responsibility for health care regulation to member states. The compact allows member states to create laws that are suited to their state’s needs, including amendments to the federal health care law passed last year. For the Health Care Compact to become law it must be passed by both houses of the General Assembly, signed by the governor, and approved through Congress.

About the Health Care Compact Alliance

The Health Care Compact Alliance is a nonpartisan [501 (c)4] organization providing tools that enable citizens to exert greater control over their government. The Health Care Compact was developed to offer Americans more influence over decisions that govern health care. For more information, please visit www.healthcarecompact.org