What They Are Saying: Gov. Pawlenty's Announcement


Governor Pawlenty’s Announcement

March 21, 2011

“The first bona fide Republican contender to form an exploratory committee”

- Kendra Marr – Politico



“At this point in the game Governor Pawlenty’s my first choice.”

- Moe Lane - RedState



“As for Pawlenty, he seems to be a sincere Reaganite, and has been for quite a while.”

- William Kristol – The Weekly Standard



“He’s an impressive guy.  He’s tough, he has a record of taking on unions at a moment where that establishes your bona fides in a Republican field.”

- Tucker Carlson – FOX News Special Report



“We get T-Paw polishing his blue-collar credentials to a high shine (itself a contrast with Romney) and smartly focusing on jobs, jobs, jobs.”

- Hot Air



“If spending is the issue in the primaries that it is today and people are excited about it, he’s got a record…The numbers are really impressive.”

- Steve Hayes – FOX News Special Report



“I like the way Pawlenty talks about economic hardship from the inside out…This video looked sleek and smart and modern, which is by the way how the Republican party ought to look.”

- David Frum – From Forum



“Imagine Chris Christie for eight years instead of one, fighting against bitterly hostile Democratic majorities in the legislature--not just fighting, but winning--and you have Tim Pawlenty.”

- Powerline Blog



“Pawlenty was given an “A” for his fiscal record in a 2010 analysis of National Association of State Budget Officers data by the Washington-based CatoInstitute, a policy research organization that advocates limited government and lower taxes.”

- John McCormick – Bloomberg News



“While state spending increased an average of 21 percent every two-year budget cycle from 1960 to 2002, Pawlenty held spending growth to an average of less than two percent annually during his time on office.”

- James Hohmann – Politico



“I’m impressed by Pawlenty, always have been… This is someone who can claim to have managerial experience and to have dealt with budget issues successfully.”

- Juan Williams – FOX News Special Report



“He’s a working-class politician who has lived through hard times in South St. Paul.”

- Jeremy Herb - Minneapolis Star-Tribune



“Pawlenty has positioned himself as the candidate of all things to all GOP voters.”

- Kendra Marr – Politico



“A candidate who can appeal to both fiscal and social conservatives.”

- Kathie Obradovich - Des Moines Register



“Unusually adept on foreign policy for a governor”

- Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post



“Pawlenty will also have a reservoir of support from millions of evangelicals across the nation.”

- Ed Lasky – The American Thinker



“[Pawlenty] has received praise from national conservatives”

- Tom Hamburger - Los Angeles Times



“Pawlenty, meanwhile, has hired a top-flight roster of staff and advisers, and has been hard at work since early last year building contacts in the race's key early states.”

- Jon Ward - Huffington Post



“Pawlenty’s use of Facebook shows the rapidly evolving role of social networking in allfacets of politics and likely will become standard in all 2012 campaigns.”

- Dan Balz - The Washington Post




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