NHDP - Anti-Collective Bargaining Rights Amendment Passed by NH GOP

NHGOP Launches Wisconsin Style Attack on Working Families


Concord, NH - Late last night, and without any public debate or notification, New Hampshire Republicans attached a dangerous amendment to the state budget stripping hardworking New Hampshire citizens of their fundamental rights.  The amendment would take away collective bargaining rights, and allow employers to make arbitrary changes to workers' salaries and benefits at whim.  The measure was passed 17-8 by the House Finance Committee.


"The Republican war on working New Hampshire families was taken to new heights last night," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "This reprehensible amendment will finish off the reckless Republicans' destruction of the middle class."


The irresponsible amendment dictates that all workers "shall become at-will employees whose salaries, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment shall be at the discretion of the employer."  Representative Neal Kurk of Weare, a Chairman of the House Finance Committee meekly tried to defend it by claiming, "Medical care" and "pensions" were "fringe benefits."  (Concord Monitor, 3/23/2011)


"House Republicans and Speaker O'Brien are stealing fundamental rights from the people who teach our children, keep our streets safe, rescue us from burning buildings, care for the sick, plow our snow, and play a vital role in our communities," continued Kirstein. 


Similar legislation was passed in Wisconsin recently.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans protested the irresponsible bill and eight of the Republican state Senators are facing well funded and highly organized recall campaigns.


"New Hampshire's motto is live free or die, and the hardworking citizens of this state will not allow any group of reckless and irresponsible legislators take their rights away," continued Kirstein. "That is why Republicans waited until the cover of night and hid their destructive amendment from the public."