Last Nights Dover Republic an Committee Lincoln -Reagan Dinner w/ keynote speaker Cong. Ron Paul (R, TX)

Speaking to a standing room only crowd at the Dover Republican Committee's inaugural event, Congressman Paul's speech resonated with New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die" ethos.  Interrupted often by applause, his biggest applause line of the night was "The measure of success for our politicians should not be how many laws and regulations they create; it should be how many they repeal."  He drew cheers with the quip, "the Constitution was written to prevent government from interfering with you taking care of yourselves."

The Chairman of the Dover Republican Committee, Chris Buck, recognized many attendees for their service and called attention to 2 special guests - the parents of a local man serving in the armed forces.  He relayed the story of an unexpected call from Korea from Christopher Gosselin, a Korean linguist, who called to tell Buck he regreted he could not attend and would send his parents in his stead. 

With nearly 300 including NH GOP party chairman Jack Kimball in attendence, the event was widely viewed as a successful kick-off both for the newly formed Dover GOP city committee and a budding presidential exploration.  The congressman mingled and took pictures with about 50 VIPs (paying $150 or more) and 252 party insiders (paying $60 per plate).   

Cong Paul was interviewed by New England Cable News and covered by The Dallas Morning News and AM 1270 WTSN. 

After the event, Chris Buck declared "we could not have dreamed of a better kick-off.  After the recent national restraining order placed on spending and government overeach (a.k.a. the 2010 elections), Congressman Paul was right out of central casting.  New Hampshire voters decisively reversed Democrat control, handing the GOP veto-proof majorities in both houses of the state legislature, checking a Democrat Governor with an all-Republican Executive Council, and sweeping all 3 federal races.  And, this is only the intermission.  President Obama struggles to reach a dismal 44% reelect in NH.  As is the national budget, we will be 'red' in 2012."

The event was Friday March 25th, 6:30-8:30PM at The Hellenic Center on Long Hill Road in Dover, NH.