NHDP - Congressman Bass: I didn't Know I Could Work on Energy Policy

'Sorry Charlie' Bass forgets own record of nepotism and support for big oil  


Concord, NH - In an interview with WMUR's James Pindell, Congressman Charlie Bass said that during his previous twelve years in Congress he "didn't know" he could work on energy policy or health care.  For every single one of those 12 years, Bass served on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. 


"There are a lot of things that I thought that I didn't know I could do when I was there before that I realized I could do after I left, and now I have a chance to do now that I am back there," Bass told WMUR's James Pindell.  When asked for specifics, he continued, "Like, uh, energy, like health care." (WMUR, 3/19/2011


"Last month Charlie Bass was caught dozing in a committee hearing, this month he says he didn't know he could work on energy policy as a member of the energy committee," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "It's no surprise that 'Sorry' Charlie Bass is trying not to remember his irresponsible votes on the energy committee.   New Hampshire citizens would love to pretend they never happened as well."


Bass' crowning achievements on the Energy Committee were aggressively lobbing for a tax credit to benefit an energy company owned by his nephew which profited him millions in stock and his countless votes in support of big oil companies.  Just this past summer, Bass campaigned with BP apologist Joe Barton of Texas. 


"Someone should tell Congressman Bass that he can work on creating jobs and building the economy too," continued Kirstein.  "Or else two years from now, he will complain he didn't know he could do that in Congress either."