NHDP - Protesters Erupt As NH GOPers Move Anti-Union Bill That Goes Farther Than Walker's

Concord, NH - Yesterday, hundreds of New Hampshire citizens packed in to the State House to protest a Republican bill stripping collective bargaining rights. Public employees were greeted with shouts of 'shut up' and 'get out' from House Republicans.  The bill had been presented in the House Finance Committee late Tuesday night with out a public

The reckless bill goes even farther than a similar one in Wisconsin. It would strip away all collective bargaining rights for all public employees, not just for benefits.

A video of the offensive greeting Republican lawmakers gave New Hampshire citizens exercising their first amendment rights to protect workers can be found in the story below.

Protesters Erupt As New Hampshire GOPers Move Anti-Union Bill That Goes Farther Than Walker's

Brian Beutler | March 25, 2011, 3:39PM

Late on Tuesday evening, Republicans on a House panel in New Hampshire voted to advance legislation that resembles Scott Walker's law in Wisconsin ending collective bargaining rights for public sector unions. It's actually farther reaching.

Under the terms of this plan, public sector workers in the state would become "at will" employees if and when their contracts expire.

That eliminates all the leverage state employees have in negotiation with their employers, and could ultimately end up busting the unions entirely.

A labor fight has been brewing in New Hampshire, where Republicans have huge House and Senate majorities, for weeks. But this was the first legislative step toward actually undermining unions -- and the skewed 18-7 vote suggests it could ultimately land on the Democratic governor's desk, in some form.

The vote came down as protesters jeered and yelled at committee Republicans who had them evicted from the committee room. You can watch that scene unfold here.