US Rep. Frank Guinta on Pres. Obama's speech on Libya tonight

“Tonight’s speech leaves more questions unanswered than answered.”

(Washington – March 28, 2011)    Rep. Frank Guinta (R/NH-01) released the following statement on President Obama’s speech tonight regarding U.S. involvement in Libya:

“Tonight’s speech leaves more questions unanswered than answered.  The president failed to fully explain why U.S. military involvement in Libya is in our national interest, and how Americans would be endangered if Moammar Qadhafi remains in power.  Although he was eager to say the leadership of Operation Odyssey Dawn is being handed over to NATO, he failed to list detailed, specific goals for that operation, and an exit strategy for it.  He failed to explain his vision for a post-Qadhafi Libya.  And, perhaps most troubling, he failed to acknowledge the constitutionality of his actions or the need to consult with Congress about them. 

“In fact, he spoke to the American people tonight – nine days after authorizing military action – only after getting considerable heat from conservatives and liberals alike.  His administration took the time to reach out to the Arab League and it  took the time to reach out to the United Nations; it needs to put that much effort into continuing to reach out to the American people and to Congress, too.”