AFPNH - One More Chance to Stop Another Tax Increase

In 2010, many legislators ran on a platform of no new taxes or fees, and no hikes of existing taxes and fees.  If SB 133 is not passed, a new tax will result, which will undoubtedly be passed on to telephone customers, who will bear the brunt of higher monthly rates.

The House will meet in session tomorrow morning at 9 AM and will most likely to take up SB 133. Please contact your State Representative today and urge them to pass SB 133. Click here to find your State Representative and their contact information. Failure to approve SB 133 and its exemption on telecom poles will result in a new tax.  

Creating a new tax means businesses will have less money for improvements – important tasks such as broadband deployment or job creation.  Furthermore, failure to pass SB 133 will mean that affected telecommunications companies will be subject to double or even triple taxation, since they are already taxed.  Enough is enough!

 It is not true, as some claim, that “a pole is a pole is a pole.”  Electricity is only delivered one way - over wires. Communications are delivered by various means. That is why the state established a specific type of tax structure for communications services.  Make no mistake – a tax is a tax is a tax, and if SB 133 does not pass, a new tax will be created.

Please reach out to your legislators today and tell them to support the SB 133 committee report of OUGHT TO PASS and stick to their pledge of no new taxes. Encourage your legislators today to vote OUGHT TO PASS on SB 133.

Don’t know your State Representative? Click here to find out.

Thank you for taking action to support lower taxes and prosperity across New Hampshire.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire