Freekeenenews - Winchester Man Goes to Historic Jury Trial

This Monday morning, 3/7, Jim Johnson, one of the "Trespassive Twelve" arrested at the Cheshire jail last year will be facing a jury trial, with jury selection beginning at 9am.

This may be the first jury trial of a "free stater" thus far in New Hampshire, and more are expected this year. It also appears to be the first trial that Cheshire County has held in months, due to the unfortunate plea bargain process that encourages people, through intimidation, to take a guilty plea for a reduced sentence. The state agents never have to prove their case, which is frequently full of holes, and people are forced to pay hundreds of dollars in fines. That's no easy task anytime, let alone in a down economy.

Activists will be out early at the court to perform jury nullification outreach, informing potential jurors that they have the right to vote their conscience, not just whether the government's statutes were violated.

Here's a facebook event with the details:!/event.php?eid=184961938211623

Please let me know if you have questions about Jim, jury nullification, or plea bargaining, or just show up on Monday morning to meet Jim in person!