Jennifer Horn Launches "We The People"

Horn Announces Formation of

We The People: A First In The Nation Freedom Forum


Nashua, NH    Jennifer Horn, former Congressional nominee, radio talk show host and newspaper columnist, announced today the formation of a new non-profit organization called We The People: A First In The Nation Freedom Forum.


"I am very pleased to announce this new non-profit, We The People," said Horn.  "This is an opportunity to continue the message of the campaign, that our nation is strongest when the people make their voices heard.


I believe strongly that the strength and success of our nation lies in the hands of the people.  I look forward to working closely with activists across the state and across the nation to share our Founding Fathers vision for an America of unlimited opportunity.


I was drawn into the political process for one reason: because I want my children to be able to raise their families in the same America I grew up in.  Every child in America needs to believe that they can accomplish anything they are willing to work and sacrifice for.   


We are a uniquely exceptional nation and we have an obligation to preserve what makes us unique, both on behalf of our children and in the name of those who have given their lives to protect and defend our freedom.


At it's heart, that is what We The People is going to be all about." 




We The People is dedicated  to promoting and preserving the Founding Principles of Freedom, Limited Government, Personal Responsibility and Unlimited Opportunity.


Our Mission 

  • We The People seeks to educate and inform the public through Freedom Forums with top level speakers who bring insight and expertise to the issues pertinent to the Founding Principles. 
  • We The People seeks to engage citizens in open conversations about the impact of government on families, businesses and individuals across the country.
  • We The People seeks to increase awareness and education on specific policies and to advocate on behalf of the citizens of New Hampshire in regard to those policies.
  • We The People seeks increased citizen engagement in the democratic process by leading advocacy activities and providing citizens with the knowledge and tools necessary to become citizen activists, with a focus on holding elected representatives accountable and to become educated consumers in the marketplace of political candidates.