NH Council of Churches - Alert: State Budget Hearing Thursday

Who Would Jesus Cut?   

State Budget Hearing  

Thursday, March 10   

1 pm & 6 pm

Representative's Hall




The House released its 2012-13 state budget proposal. A public hearing takes place next Thursday in the Finance Committee.


Now is the time to raise our collective religious voices against planned cuts to critical human services programs. Some budget writers expect churches will be able to fill the void left by significant cuts to services the state now provides. Religious leaders must put this gross misperception to rest!


Please mark your calendar to attend this hearing Thursday and speak against cuts that will hurt those who are striving toward self-sufficiency, struggling to care for themselves or family members, or face day-to-day challenges. Though church leaders see what most don't every day -- at your food pantries, soup kitchens and support groups. Who else but religious leaders can ask

"who would Jesus cut?"


We will offer more resources shortly to help you formulate testimony, reach out to legislators in your home district and inform others in your church and community about what could happen if we don't speak out now. Please watch your inbox. 




Click here for a list of and contact info for House Finance Committee members. 


Click here for text of HB2 - the "policy" end of the budget outlining the changes proposed.


Click here for text of HB1 - the "numbers"  


More information will follow; please watch your inbox. 


Thank you!