- Odell proposes public meeting with AFL-CIO

In his March 6, 2011 column on, NH Ways & Means Committee Chairman, Senator Bob Odell, writes,

"The state AFL-CIO organization has asked me to meet with state leaders and union members from the 8th Senate District to discuss legislative issues." "...I have suggested the meeting be public as citizens other than labor union members may have an interest in participating. The meeting likely will be the third week of March in Claremont and I will include the details in next week's column."

"In the years 2005-2010, more than 30 states made changes to their [retirement] systems, and with exception of minor changes to increase benefits in Maryland, every other state has reduced benefits or increased employee contributions or both."

"Most unsettling [of the federal health care law] is the uncertainty about so many elements of the law that, if it moves forward, states will be scrambling to keep up."

"The House, for the first time during my time in Concord, chose to not take a break."