CEI Daily - Obamacare, Mosquitos, and Organ Donors




The Obama Administration is allowing its allies to opt out of Obamacare.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader explains what's happening.


"So the Obama administration has 'granted almost a thousand waivers' of Obamacare rules, disproportionately to its biggest supporters, unions, such as the Service Employees International Union. Ironically, the biggest backers of Obamacare don’t have to comply with it — including the Teamsters Union, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the Communication Workers of America."






As CEI approaches Human Achievement Hour, we celebrate the latest in innovation around the world.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton talks about a new mosquito-killing laser.


"The laser was demonstrated earlier this year during a TED talk presented by “professional jack-of-all-trades” Nathan Myrvold, the former Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft.

While lasers are fun and cool, the impetus for creating the device is deadly serious. As noted in the presentation, malaria, the mosquito-borne blood infection sickens more than 250 million people every year and kills a child every 43 seconds. Though DDT had been extremely successful in eradicating malaria in many parts of the world, baseless environmental concerns ultimately resulted in the banning of the technology, resurgence in the spread of malaria, and skyrocketing numbers of people infected."



Organ Donors


The Washington Post reported recently on proposed changes to kidney transplant rules.


Research Associate Jacqueline Otto responds to the Post's article in a letter to the editor.


"Compensating organ donors would give more people an incentive to give — thereby increasing the supply and saving lives. While the idea of selling one’s organs is not a subject broached in polite conversation, it is certainly fairer than this new proposal. It deserves proper consideration."