WTAS: Governor Pawlenty Names Ayers to be Campaign Manager



Governor Pawlenty Names Ayers to be Campaign Manager 

April 11, 2011

“Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has signed GOP operative Nick Ayers to serve as his campaign manager, scoring one of the best-regarded young strategists in the party to lead his 2012 presidential effort.”

                                                                                    - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post



“Nick Ayers, former boy-wonder executive director of the Republican Governors Association, will be named Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign manager…This is a boost for the hard-working Pawlenty campaign…”

                                                                                    - Mike Allen, Politico



“Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty tapped Nick Ayers, the former executive director of the Republican Governors Association, as his campaign manager, a big hire that will send a signal to the community of big-dollar donors Mr. Pawlenty hopes to woo.”

                                                                                    - Patrick O’Connor, Wall Street Journal



“Pawlenty has shown a willingness to hire the best talent available and go outside of his Minnesota team. Pawlenty may be far back in largely meaningless polls, but he is the candidate most capable of climbing to the top of the pack.”

                                                                                    - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post



“'Tis the season for 2012 hopefuls to staff up their campaigns, and Tim Pawlenty has made a minor splash today by signing on the young GOP star Nick Ayers. Ayers, whom we touted in our "40 Under 40" package last fall (he's just 28), is one of his party's most celebrated young talents…”

- Michael Crowley, TIME



“The move by Mr. Pawlenty’s exploratory committee to hire Mr. Ayers is the latest evidence that Mr. Pawlenty is sure to move beyond the exploratory phase of his presidential campaign. Mr. Ayers, who is just 28 years old, has been courted by several potential presidential hopefuls as their campaigns compete for talent. The Washington Post profiled him last year and The Post’s Chris Cillizza identified him this year at the top of his list of the six most coveted Republican operatives.

- Michael Shear, New York Times



“Ayers is a Beltway prodigy with a sterling reputation.  His record at the RGA speaks for itself.  Two weeks from today, he'll transition away from his role at the RNC, move to Minneapolis, and leap eagerly into the heady world of presidential politics.  In doing so, he'll take the helm of a major presidential campaign at the staggering age of 28.  Remarkable.”

                                                                                    - Guy Benson, Townhall



“Tim Pawlenty, who is exploring a run for president in 2012 and is sometimes lampooned as somebody nobody knows, has created a buzz in political circles by hiring Nick Ayers as campaign manager for his exploratory committee.”

- Michael Warren, The Weekly Standard



“Ayers is known as a driven operative with a laser focus on fundraising…”

                                                                                    - Derek Wallbank, MinnPost