Hemingway: ‘The party is standing strong for principle, which is what the people voted for.’

CONCORD, N.H.―The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire is troubled by recent, apparent attempts by the press to drive a wedge in the state Republican Party.

In the most recent example, RLCNH Chairman Andrew Hemingway’s comments were misrepresented in a Washington Post article that wrongly attempted to pit the Sununu family against the Tea Party.

“I was having a casual conversation with a Washington Post reporter and noted that I didn’t remember any outreach between Gov. John Sununu, when he was New Hampshire GOP Chairman, and the Tea Party,” Hemingway said. “The reporter used this conversation to fabricate a quotation that made it seem as though the governor denied requests to meet with the Tea Party. On the contrary, Gov. Sununu welcomed Tea Party activism while chairman and, I recently learned, even met with my predecessor in the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire.

“It is clear to me that Gov. Sununu, current party leadership, the Tea Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire all cherish the founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, low taxes and low spending as well as the state and federal constitutions,” Hemingway added. “It is important for all factions of the Republican Party to stand strong against the forces that are attempting to destroy our efforts against an ever-expanding government.”

Recently, New Hampshire Republicans have taken a lot of heat from an active minority that has used derogatory and inflammatory language to criticize the majority party and its actions. Naturally, this pressure has resulted in an over-exuberant response from a handful of legislators who are inexperienced dealing with a hostile press. Nevertheless, the people should rest assured that Republicans are united in their platform and in the clear mandate that voters gave them in November. The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire urges all party members to stand firm against such pressure in the future with the knowledge that they are doing what is right and what the majority of voters want them to do.

“I would caution any Republican when dealing with the press to be especially cautious, because some members are trying to invent a story line of party discord that simply is not true,” Hemingway said. “Republicans are not a monolith and no two party members agree on every issue, but it should be clear to any honest observer that this is true of any organization. What’s different about Republicans is that the party honors the traditions of liberty that were protected by our founders. Naturally, liberty results in occasional disagreement. The people should rest assured that such disagreement will always lead to a better result. It is clear to me that proper resolve among Republicans will bring the restorative change that voters want.”