- Weed: "...mobilized many tens of thousands of normally quiet New Hampshire citizens."

In his April 14, 2011 column on, NH Representative Chuck Weed writes:

"...the large infusion of "Tea party" and "Freestate" Republicans last fall has adversely affected the historically more responsible Republican Party in New Hampshire."

"...choices being made by the majority party to slash programs that serve those in need, in order to save smokers a dime per pack or lower the tax for rooms and meals, demonstrates volumes about the anti-government/and anti-worker priorities of the Republican Party."

"I do not believe there are any knowledgeable observers who blame public employee unions for our great recession and the attendant decline in state revenues, but it appears the Republican majority elected last November does." "The way they will do this is not through negotiations, but rather by declaring an impasse prior to the time of the expiration of the existing contract. At expiration, all unionized state employees will become "at will" employees."

"...this threat to labor peace has angered and mobilized many tens of thousands of normally quiet New Hampshire citizens."

"The IRC provides seed money to innovative high-tech companies." "...removal of this small amount of state investment, will ...discourage innovative startup companies from coming to New Hampshire. And, it will clearly increase the brain drain when technical graduates of New Hampshire's institutions of higher education leave New Hampshire to find high-tech jobs where they are available."

"...average investment from states to public higher education across the country is over 35% of the higher education institutions' budgets. In New Hampshire it has been below 12% and will go down to about 7%."