Catholics Condemn Bettencourt's Statement, Demand Retraction

Calls on New Hampshire elected leaders to distance themselves from his odious comments

Washington, DC - Yesterday, New Hampshire Republican Majority Leader Rep. D.J. Bettencourt demeaned Bishop McCormack, the Bishop of Manchester, suggesting on his Facebook page that the Bishop should be arrested for being a “pedophile pimp.” Bettencourt made the comment after Bishop McCormack publicly opposed proposed budget cuts that would adversely affect the poor and marginalized. Catholics United acting director James Salt issued the following statement in response to Rep. Bettencourt's comments:

“With his comments, Republican Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt has not only embarrassed himself, he's become an embarrassment to the entire state of New Hampshire.  We call on all elected officials to denounce Republican Bettencourt's comments in the strongest terms possible. Religious bigotry should never be tolerated.  We have a strong Catholic tradition of speaking out for the most vulnerable in our country. Bishop McCormack’s comments in support of New Hampshire’s poor and marginalized should be lauded, not attacked.”

In the coming weeks, Catholics United and our 300 New Hampshire members will continue to pressure Rep. Bettencourt to retract his statements.  Catholics United is a non-profit non-partisan organization that works to promote the Catholic Church's teachings on justice and the common.