CEI Weekly: CEI's Third Annual Human Achievement Hour is a Success

Friday, April 1, 2011





Feature: Last weekend, CEI hosted the third annual Human Achievement Hour at our offices.

FEATURED STORY: CEI's Third Annual Human Achievement Hour is a Success


Every year in March, environmentalists ask cities and private citizens to turn off their lights for Earth Hour. A few years ago, CEI Policy Analyst Michelle Minton decided to celebrate great human achievements during Earth Hour in order to demonstrate to Earth Hour advocates how humans have made this world a far better---not worse---place to live in. This year, CEI hosted the Third Annual Human Achievement Hour on March 26th. The event was a success: for the first time, CEI analysts celebrated the holiday by web-chatting with our allies around the world. For more on Human Achievement Hour, read Michelle Minton's Human Events op-ed and National Geographic's write-up of the event. Also, listen to Ryan Young interview Michelle in the post-Human Achievement Hour podcast, right.





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March 28, 2011: Human Achievement Hour


Human Achievement Hour founder Michelle Minton talks about the annual celebration of human creativity and innovation that happens at the same time every year as Earth Hour. Ecology and economy are quite compatible. One definition of progress, after all, is doing more with less. When people are left free to achieve and innovate, that is exactly what happens, to the environment’s benefit — and mankind’s.