Fred Karger For President - Fred Karger Wins New Hampshire Straw Poll

Edges out Romney by 5 Votes

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – First time Presidential candidate, Fred Karger won the St. Anselm College Republican Straw Poll last night.  CR President Brock Weber announced the results to a room full of participants at the famous New Hampshire Institute of Politics after voting ended at 9:00 pm.  The straw poll was conducted all week on the campus of this conservative Catholic College located in New Hampshire’s largest city.  

Here’s the story from James Pindell, Political Director of WMUR – ABC TV in Manchester:

April 1, 2011, 8:04 AM
2012 NH Primary, Fred Karger

Karger wins Saint Anselm straw poll

by James Pindall

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California gay rights activist Fred Karger won a straw poll of potential presidential candidates at St. Anselm College Thursday night.

Karger, who was the only potential candidate to address the group, has made college campuses a central part of his budding campaign so far.

Karger received 79 votes out of 322 ballots cast for 16 candidates. Finishing a close second with 74 votes was former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. From there the drop off to third place was significant. New York businessman Donald Trump received 26 votes.

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In the end, this was a big win for Karger who has been campaigning hard in the Granite State trying to make the argument that he should be taken seriously as a candidate. This straw poll should help that.

Results from the straw Saint Anselm straw poll are below:

MARCH 31st, 2011


Question 1: How would you describe yourself politically?

•    Moderate: 104 Votes
•    Conservative: 104 Votes
•    Liberal: 31 Votes
•    Very Conservative: 29 Votes
•    Libertarian: 16 Votes
•    Other: 11 Votes
•    Very Liberal: 10 Votes

Question 2: Looking ahead to the 2012 election, what would you say is the most important issue facing the nation?

•    Jobs & the Economy: 155 Votes
•    Taxes & Spending: 57 Votes
•    Limiting the size and growth of government: 32 Votes
•    Foreign Policy Issues: 24 Votes
•    Social Issues: 15 Votes
•    Immigration: 12 Votes
•    Other: 9 Votes

Question 3: What is your opinion of President Barack Obama?

•    Unfavorable: 117 Votes
•    Somewhat Unfavorable: 68 Votes
•    Somewhat Favorable: 43 Votes
•    No Opinion: 38 Votes
•    Favorable: 15 Votes
•    Other: 2 Votes

Question 4: Who are you most likely to support for the 2012 Republican Nomination for President?

•    Fred Karger, 79 Votes
•    Mitt Romney, 74 Votes
•    Donald Trump, 26 Votes
•    Tim Pawlenty, 24 Votes
•    Ron Paul, 24 Votes
•    Rudy Giuliani, 22 Votes
•    Rick Santorum, 20 Votes
•    Sarah Palin, 9 Votes
•    Herman Cain, 8 Votes
•    Gary Johnson, 8 Votes
•    Mike Huckabee, 8 votes
•    Newt Gingrich, 7 Votes
•    Haley Barbour, 3 Votes
•    Mitch Daniels, 2 Votes
•    John Bolton, 1 Vote
•    Rand Paul, 1 Vote
•    Other, 6 Votes

Statement by Fred Karger

I am elated by this early show of support from the students, faculty and staff of St. Anselm’s College.  We campaigned at St. A’s all week, which is exactly what I have been doing since I began this effort in New Hampshire back in February 2010.  My team of college coordinators and friends worked hard to win this first Granite State straw poll of this cycle.  My message of inclusion in the Republican Party and reaching out to younger people is working, and I will continue to be the one candidate who works to grow the Republican Party by campaigning right on college campuses.

I was the first to declare my interest in running for President in April 2010, the first to start an exploratory committee in July 2010 and the first to file for President just one week ago at the Federal Election Commission Washington, DC.  Now we are off to a great start in New Hampshire as the campaigning begins, and it is on to South Carolina and the first Republican debate to be held in Greenville on May 5th.

Thanks to all who helped make this victory possible!

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