NHDP Chair Ray Buckley Urges Mitt Romney and Republicans to Support NH Primary

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement urging Republicans to join him in supporting the New Hampshire primary.  Florida Republicans are threatening to move their primary forward, jeopardizing the Granite State's first in the nation primary. 


"Protecting New Hampshire's first in the nation primary has always been a shared responsibility for both the Democratic and Republican Party Chairs.  I was very concerned to see that my counterpart Jack Kimball refused to join his colleagues in South Carolina and Iowa and condemn the Florida Republicans' attempt to jump to the front of the line.  Simply hoping that Florida's move 'won't come to pass' isn't enough.  A high profile Republican like Mitt Romney needs to stand in defense of the New Hampshire primary to ensure our first in the nation status is protected."