Gov Pawlenty Asks for Questions for President Obama's Facebook interview

Good morning, all -

Ed Morrissey has the scoop on a new initiative today by Gov. Tim Pawlenty.  Recognizing that President Obama is not likely to be confronted by serious or challenging questions during his Facebook town hall later today, Gov. Pawlenty is asking folks so submit the kinds of questions that won't make it past the screeners on his website.

We will release the best questions onto Facebook throughout the morning.

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Ask Obama

Obama and Facebook Getting a Little Too Friendly?

"… Still, with Obama’s popularity waning, this event will fall short of the cachet of Obama’s efforts in 2008.  Facebook events also have another problem, which is that of moderation.  Thanks to the strict controls that a campaign can place on questions, they tend to be self-congratulatory affairs, where questions that only play to a candidate’s strength are allowed through.  In live townhalls, the questions are usually more spontaneous, although this administration’s team at its allies have been rather adept at planting questioners in live events, too.   Facebook won’t benefit from the exposure if the townhall event ends up with all the drama of a Rotary Club awards dinner.

"If you have a critical question for Obama, don’t expect it to get through today, even if you do leave the question at the White House entry form.  Instead, Tim Pawlenty wants to take those questions himself on his website, where he will presumably answer those questions that fall outside the “how come America doesn’t appreciate your awesome awesomeness, Mr. President?”

"Now that he is in full campaign mode, what are the odds that Obama will answer the hard questions about the challenges facing our country? Will he be asked about his failure to control government spending? His job-crushing health care law?

"I’d rather not put odds on something that looks like a sucker bet.  Pawlenty also has a new video showing him at actual live events in the past couple of weeks:"