NH DOC - Pinwheels Planted at NH State Prison Symbolize Stronger Families

(Concord, N.H.)  April is Strengthening Families Month and earlier this month minimum security inmates planted twenty-four pinwheels near the entrance of the visiting room of the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord as part of a nationwide awareness effort.  The pinwheels were donated by the New Hampshire Children’s Trust organization.

The inmates who planted the “pinwheels of prevention” were past participants in the Department of Corrections Family Connections Center.  They are housed in the Transitional Work Center because they are nearing their minimum release dates.

The Family Connections Center is a grant-funded program that focuses on strengthening connections between incarcerated parents and their loved ones on the outside while facilitating ties to their community through education and support. The program strives to support families affected by incarceration through support, referrals, relationship classes and family re-entry planning available to eligible incarcerated fathers and their partners.

Family Connections Center Director Kristina Toth said, “The idea behind this awareness campaign is that strengthening families will prevent child abuse.”

Check out the Family Connections Center online: http://www.nh.gov/nhdoc/fcc/.