AFPNH - Help Lower Your Electricity Rates, Contact Your State Senator Today!

As you may know, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is holding a hearing on HB 519, which would remove New Hampshire from RGGI, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

HB 519 is likely to be amended during the hearing and then sent to the Senate for a vote.

We need you to contact your State Senator and URGE them to pass HB 519 AS IS, not AS AMENDED!

Please click here to find your State Senator and their contact information.

We are SO CLOSE to pulling the plug on RGGI and removing New Hampshire from this failed cap-and-trade scheme. Please reach out to your State Senator today and tell them NOT TO AMEND HB 519!

Thank you for your continuing support of our efforts on RGGI as we work to reduce your electricity rates.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire