NH House Members Meet with Business Leaders

Working to Improve the Climate for Employers in NH

(Concord, NH)   Continuing its promise to focus on jobs and the economy, on Thursday, April 21, the House Business Coalition brought together business leaders from the retail, hospitality, energy, manufacturing, and other industries to share their ideas for making New Hampshire more business-friendly.    

Laurie Sanborn, Chair of the NH House Business Coalition, (R-Henniker) said, “Now more than ever, the Legislature must focus on encouraging the business community to grow and expand.  It's about creating private-sector jobs and building the economic base in New Hampshire."  She continued, "This meeting was an important opportunity to hear from the owners of small, medium and large businesses from all over the state on how to improve the overall business climate here."

Tom Boucher, CEO of Great NH Restaurants, Inc., and a presenter to the group said, "I'm impressed by the desire of so many Representatives to make it easier to do business in this state.  At this point, many of the regulations we are required to adhere to make it more difficult to do business in NH than in other states.”

Presenters were asked to describe the pros and cons of operating a business in New Hampshire, and offer specific suggestions for improvement.   Several themes emerged from the meeting.  Brian Murphy, (R-Rye), an active member of the House Business Coalition, said "We heard from business owners repeatedly that the over-regulation, high operating costs, and excessive taxes in our state, compared to other states, really make it difficult for them to expand and hire."

Sanborn added, "As we look towards our next legislative session, we will be researching issues heard from these business leaders and others, and create future legislation to reestablish New Hampshire as the best state in America to own or operate a business.”

House Business Coalition member Patrick Abrami (R-Stratham) added, "You can only be pro-jobs if you are pro-business.  Our legislature needs to encourage good business behavior versus its present path of overly regulating and penalizing.  Helping our business community succeed makes good sense for our state, our work force, and our economy.”

Sanborn concluded, "New Hampshire doesn't operate in a vacuum.  We need to excel compared with other states to attract and retain the best employees and employers.  Making sure we continually listen to our business community will be an ongoing priority of the NH House Business Coalition, and hopefully all members of the House of Representatives."  

The NH House Business Coalition represents the largest block of pro-business legislators in New Hampshire history.  The group of current NH House members, with over 85 members, evaluates and supports legislation to promote job creation through strong, responsible business growth and success.  The group meets weekly and makes recommendations on bills that directly impact the business community to the entire House on Session days.