AFPNH - Gov. Mitt Romney to attend AFP-NH's Presidential Summit on April 29th

I have several pieces of exciting news to share with you this morning.

First, you may have seen that the Republican Presidential debate at the Reagan Library was postponed due to a lack of confirmations from potential candidates. In New Hampshire, we are experiencing no such problem.

In fact I am proud to announce that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the most recent prospective candidate to commit to participating in Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Presidential Summit on Spending and Job Creation on April 29.

Romney will join Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Herman Cain at this exciting event. The evening will begin with a tribute to Ovide Lamontagne. I hope you will join me as we honor Ovide’s tireless work on behalf of our state by bestowing him with our “Conservative of the Year” award. This much-deserved presentation to Ovide will be immediately followed by an engaging debate among these four potential presidential contenders.

This has quickly become the FIRST must-attend event of the GOP Presidential debate season. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to purchase your tickets by clicking here. Space is VERY limited! If you would like to attend, please visit our site and secure your seats today!

Secondly, I hope you will also join us at the Statehouse in Concord on April 15 as AFP-NH hosts the annual Taxpayer Tea Party Rally. This year’s speakers list is a “who’s who” of potential presidential and gubernatorial candidates as well as local and statewide activists. Among those confirmed to speak are Governor Tim Pawlenty, Senator Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, and Governor Buddy Roemer as well as Ovide Lamontagne and John Stephen. The potential gubernatorial candidates will kick the event off at 11:30 AM. I hope to see you there!

Third, thanks to your efforts several legislative victories were won in Concord last week. Please click on any of the vote totals below to find out how your representatives voted.

On Thursday, the House passed HB 1, its version of the state budget by a margin of 243-124. House lawmakers were able to reduce the state budget by $742 million from the current two-year budget, leaving proposed spending at $10.2 billion. The budget bill now moves to the Senate where the Senate Finance Committee is expected to begin its work on the proposal this week. I will continue to keep you posted on its status and alert you to any action that needs to be taken.

The House also passed HB 2 by a vote of 222-119 which will change collective bargaining for public employees by making public workers at-will employees if their contract expires before a new one is in place.

On Wednesday, the House passed HB 648, further protecting the rights of private property owners from eminent domain petitions from public utility companies. It passed the House 317-51 and will now move to the Senate.

The House also passed RGGI for the second time, sending the bill over to the Senate for consideration. We need you to contact your state senator today to tell him to take NH out of this regional cap-and-trade program and lower your electric rates.

Also, last week the House showed their support for a proposed constitutional amendment that would require a super majority of lawmakers to borrow money and to raise taxes or fees. CACR 6 passed the House 256-117. If approved by the Senate, the amendment will then require the approval of state voters.

Meanwhile the Senate voted 19-5 to approve SB 2, which gives towns and cities the ability to cap spending or taxes. Despite the state Supreme Court ruling that spending caps are unconstitutional, this authority needs to reside with those who understand their communities and their needs best – our local leaders. The passage of SB 2 is an important step in that direction.

Also on Wednesday, the Senate passed SB 3 by a margin of 19-5 which will reform the state pension system before the burden is passed along to New Hampshire residents in the form of increased property taxes by requiring new hires and some others to work longer and pay more into the system.

I know many of you contacted your representatives on one or several of these pieces of legislation. Thank you for your continuing support of conservative principles and smaller government. Your commitment to making your voices heard and holding our elected officials accountable is making a difference!

Finally, our great state continues to play host to a myriad of national elected officials and public policy makers. I encourage you to consult our Granite State Gatherings list (to the left) and attend any of these events that you can to learn more about these men and women whose work directly affects you and remind them that they work for you.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire

P.S. Please donate to AFP NH today in order to allow us to continue our work of advocating for lower taxes and smaller government at the local, state and federal levels.