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Planned Parenthood Gives Kudos to
AUL for State Work


Americans United for Life’s unique strategy for impacting state laws for life by crafting strategic legislation to meet a state’s individual needs is paying big dividends this year. Pro-life legislators and governors have kept their campaign promises to protect life in the law, and so far this year AUL has distributed 1,426 Model Policy guides.

bb-dan-missouri.jpgAUL’s effectiveness drew the ire of Planned Parenthood of Missouri, which tweeted last week, “Apparently we are letting Americans United for Life write Missouri law.”

Also last week, several states moved pro-life legislation forward. An opt-out bill dealing with President Obama’s health care law moved to the desk of Gov. Brian Schweitzer where he vetoed it Monday despite the fact that the Montana State House voted 66 to 32 to support the effort, and the State Senate voted 27 to 22. Montana Sen. Rowlie Hutton introduced SB176, based on AUL’s model legislation, which opts the state out of abortion subsidizing insurance exchanges.

AUL President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest noted, “Pregnancy is not a disease for which abortion is the cure. Abortion is not health care and should not be included in these insurance plans at taxpayers’ expense.”

To check the status of pro-life legislation at the state level, go here

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With Millions of Tax Dollars in Hand, Abortion Advocates Oppose Pro-Life Spending 

bb-cy-caption-600.jpgAs Congress turns its attention again this week to the issue of funding the government, abortion advocates are up in arms over plans to provide some federal monies for pro-life groups. Rep. Cliff Stearns introduced a bill that would allow Pregnancy Resource Centers to purchase sonogram machines that they use for free services for women. Advocates for the abortion industry – which receives more than $360 million in taxpayer dollars a year -- were in an uproar. Nancy Keenan, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, commented, “Taxpayers should not foot the bill for organizations that push a political agenda.” Does that include NARAL, Nancy?

To read Dr. Yoest’s take on the abortion industry’s high dudgeon, click here.

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Care Net & AUL Applaud Passage of Alabama Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Centers

bb-alabama-senate-caption.jpgCare Net and Americans United for Life joined the Alabama State Senate in praising the work of pregnancy centers. The Alabama Senate passed a “Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Care Centers,” thanking the non-profit organizations throughout the state for their tremendous service to women, children, and the community. The resolution, HJR16, passed the Alabama House in early March. Americans United for Life drafted the model resolution and worked for its passage.

 “Pregnancy centers are on the front line everyday in the defense of human life,” said AUL VP of Government Affairs Dan McConchie, who attended the vote. “Their work in Alabama is invaluable to the countless women who seek their assistance and to the unborn babies they help save. This recognition by the Alabama legislature is well deserved.”

To learn more about AUL’s model legislation, click here.

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In the News

bb-saunders-detroit-600.jpgAUL Sr VP William Saunders spoke Friday at a conference in Detroit about freedom of conscience. He discussed threats to freedom of conscience in the states, and reviewed AUL’s Model legislation on conscience protection To get a copy of this model bill, click here.  

Bob Morrison at the American Thinker notes the human rights work of Saunders in a look at human rights atrocities. To read more, click here.

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