CEI Daily - Inflation, Health Food, and the CEI Podcast




The Wall Street Journal recently took a look at how inflation will affect retirement savings accounts.


Research Associate Grant Babcock comments.


"If we want people to save for their retirement, that needs to be a realistic possibility. Thanks in part to the Bernanke and Greenspan Feds, it increasingly isn’t. People get squeezed at both ends. High inflation eats away at the buying power of retirees’ savings, and low interest rates mean those savings earn little interest."





Health Food


New York City Health Department employees will now have to follow their own "suggestions" for healthy living: new agency regulations ensure that unhealthy food (like cookies) will no longer be served in offices.


Research Associate Lee Doren comments.


"Initially, these mandates would seem absurd for any workplace. However, it’ll be interesting to see if the employees will finally understand what authoritarian control feels like, or if this will further encourage them to place more dietary restrictions on other citizens. Only time will tell."




CEI Podcast


In the latest CEI Podcast, Ryan Young talks to CEI Adjunct Analyst Russ Brown about union election rules and the Railway Labor Act.


Listen here.