Manchester - Spring Art Attack Event Coming Soon!

Queen City Art Attack's Spring show is held at Victory Park in Manchester, NH on April, 30 2011 at 1pm! Sign up today at!

What Is Art Attack?!

Queen City Art Attack is a non-profit event that takes place bi-annually in Manchester, NH. It is a place for young artists to network with working, established artists, and for students to learn the invaluable skill of self-marketing and promotion. We encourage artists to sell work priced under $50. There is live music, awesome food, great art work, and a lot of really cool people to meet. Our goal is to bring art and the community together at a free, outdoor, totally public, wicked fun event. Our next event is on April, 30 2011 in Victory Park in Manchester, NH. The event is free and open to the public and begins at 1pm.

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