NHDP - House Republicans Admit Irresponsible Budget Raises 200 Million In Taxes on Hospitals and Working Families

GOP: we asked hospitals "that are among the 20 largest employers in the state to pay a little taxes...about 100 million"

Concord, NH - At a press conference today, Republican Rep. Ken Weyler, chair of the House Finance Committee, admitted to reporters that the reckless Republican budget raised taxes on working families and New Hampshire hospitals by 200 million dollars.  The press conference was called by House Republican leadership in a desperate move to distract voters from the Republican Majority Leader calling a Catholic Bishop a 'pedophile pimp.' 

Welyer said House Republicans asked hospitals "that are among the 20 largest employers in the state to pay a little taxes...so we asked them to pay about 100 million."  He continued saying House Republicans also asked Police officers, fire fighters, teachers and other public employees to pay "about another 2%" of their salary and "that was about 80 million.  Those two figures were about 200 million."

"While Rep Weyler's overdue honesty about the irresponsible tax increases in the Republican budget is refreshing, it will do very little to comfort those New Hampshire citizens who are about to lose their jobs or struggle to feed their families because of them," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Can anyone in House Republican leadership explain how creating an income tax on working families or increasing taxes on some
of the state's largest employers will create jobs?"

"From the very beginning, Speaker O'Brien and House Republicans turned the budgeting process into a circus," continued Kirstein.  "They produced recklessly low revenue estimates behind closed doors, and without traditional public input.  The result is a budget that breaks the state's promise to police and firefighters, raises taxes, and jeopardizes healthcare across the state." 


A video of Rep. Weyler's long overdue honesty about the Republican budget can be found here.