NHDP Ray Buckley Memorandum: The NH GOP and Its Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week...

To: Interested Parties
From: Ray Buckley, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman

This week, New Hampshire Republicans hit a new low - scandal after scandal. And instead of apologizing for all the mishaps, missteps and abuses of power, they held a press conference touting their so-called accomplishments.

In case you missed it (or more likely, just couldn't keep track - it was hard for us too!), what follows is a timeline of the New Hampshire Republicans' terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

Thursday, March 31, 2011: Historic Rally on State House Lawn Shows Sweeping Public Opinion Against the GOP's Reckless Budget 


The House GOP's reckless budget resulted in the largest state house protest in memory - shaking the political atmosphere in Concord. The rally was organized by a cross-cutting coalition of more than 130 groups and demonstrated to lawmakers the sweeping public opinion against the GOP's reckless budget. (WMUR Video)

Also, on Thursday, March 31, 2011: NH GOP Leadership Faces Suit for Forgetting the Constitution
House GOP leadership is faced with a serious lawsuit after it shut out New Hampshire citizens from participating in legislative proceedings last week. The GOP leadership's inclination to do its lawmaking behind closed doors is the best strategy it has, but unfortunately for them, not a constitutional one. (Concord Monitor, 4/1/2011)

Friday, April 1st: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Name-calling?
Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt upset with New Hampshire's highest-ranking Catholic for speaking out against budget cuts to critical programs, calls this religious leader a "pedophile pimp." This comment prompts the Nashua Telegraph to ask Bettencourt to apologize to the "entire state of New Hampshire for his boorish behavior," and the Concord Monitor to wonder what could "possibly come next" in the GOP's antics. (Concord Monitor, 4/5/2011; Nashua Telegraph, 4/5/2011)    


Sunday, April 3, 2011: Second GOP Rep Attacks Catholic Church   

After jealously watching his colleague, Rep. Bettencourt, become national news, Rep. Timothy Comerford decided to join in the fun and sent an email to all House members saying the NH Catholic Bishop was a "corrupt scumbag" and "disgraceful man." (WMUR, 4/6/2011)

Monday, April 4, 2011: NH GOP Silent on Florida's Primary Power Grab
Florida's GOPpers continue to call Granite Staters names in its primary power grab and what does the New Hampshire Republican Party do? Nothing. 'Nuff said. (WMUR CloseUp)    


GOP Rep Threatens to Use Legislative Power to Limit First Amendment Rights   

Rep. Andrew Manuse wrote in an email that he was planning to file a bill "to remove the Church's tax exempt status in New Hampshire."   Manuse was angry about public criticism of the Republican's reckless and irresponsible budget, and like any bully he was determined to strike back and silence any who would openly disagree with him. (NH Journal, 4/5/2011)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011: GOP Representative Resigns in Legal Trouble, Announces Law Enforcement Conspiracy Against GOP Politicians
Rep. Gary Wheaton, R-Seabrook, was just another example of the NH GOP veering off course this week. The GOP member resigned after he was charged with speeding and driving with a suspended license. According to WMUR, "Police said Wheaton made a U-turn and went around a construction barricade when the officer tried to pull him over." Wheaton's only defense was to accuse members of law enforcement of a conspiracy against the NH GOPpers who voted against collective bargaining rights, leading us to believe that "shifting blame" is the Republicans' weekly message. (WMUR Video)

And Another GOP Representative Resigns After Missing Every Single Vote   

Rep. Robert Huxley, R-Greenville actually did something today. In the defining move of his political career, he resigned after missing every vote of the legislative session. (Nashua Telegraph, 4/5/2011)    


Third GOP Representative gets Booed in Committee Hearing   

Rep. Stella Tremblay was booed and reprimanded by GOP leadership during her union members are parasites rant.  Rep. Tremblay was testifying in favor of right to work for less legislation that economists had earlier in the day predicted would jeopardize New Hampshire's economy. (Youtube Video)   


Wednesday April 6, 2011: Bass Attacked from All Angles
Emily's List announced its top target list Tuesday putting Rep. Bass' district among the 5 priority congressional districts it will work to win back this cycle. The Family Research Council will target Bass starting Wednesday with radio ads in his district. With groups from all sides coming after him, it's sure to be a long two years until his forced retirement. (TheHill.com; CBN.com)


Grand Finale: NHGOP Attacks Party's Own State Reps   

There is trouble in Tea Party paradise. Christine Barratta, spokesperson for the NHGOP said her party's state Representatives had "lost sight of the bigger picture" a reference to the Majority Leader's pedophile pimp comment.  She added that the GOP Reps forgot what they "were elected to do."