AFP - Activists tell Washington: “Have Guts, Make the Cuts!”

Yesterday with over 1,000 cheering AFP activists standing on the Capitol grounds in Washington, D.C., Michelle Bachman put it best when she said President Obama, Harry Reid and then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi had an entire year to get the budget completed and they failed -- miserably. 

Now, with a government shutdown looming, those three liberals want to blame -- you guessed it -- the Tea Party and the new Republican leadership in Congress for their failures. 

At the same time, these three liberals are venomously attacking Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's 2012 fiscal year budget (remember the Federal government budget runs from October 1 to September 30) that, while not perfect, offers a bold start down the road to cutting government spending and reining in deficits. 

Click here to view more photos of yesterday's "Cut Spending Now" Rally.

In a nutshell, the last Congress controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid NEVER passed a 2011 budget. They knew better than to pass yet another big spending budget before an election (though it didn't help them much!).  So, they simply passed a series of what are called Continuing Resolutions to fund the government piecemeal.  When Speaker Boehner took charge of the new GOP leadership, he proposed $30 billion in cuts for this budget but a chorus of conservatives rightly demanded deeper cuts.  The GOP House then passed $61 billion in cuts in a budget to fund the rest of the 2011 budget year.  Harry Reid, on the other hand, proposed a trivial $10 billion in cuts and while holding 53 to 47 majority in the Senate, still couldn't get it to pass. (now that's leadership). 

The Republicans in the House are rightly refusing to cave in and accept the much smaller cuts that Obama and Reid are offering.  Take action today by clicking here and telling your senators and representative that you support cutting spending to help balance the budget. 

If a government shutdown occurs, as appears likely, the fault clearly lies with President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  It was galling to see President Obama tell the Republicans they should be "adults" when the President, Reid and then-Speaker Pelosi had an ENTIRE YEAR to pass their 2011 and never got it done! 

As I said at our rally yesterday, at the current rate of spending our nation's debt will double during President Obama's 4-year term.  In fact, he's the first "triple trillion dollar politician" -- 3 budgets he's put forward ... 3 $1 trillion plus budget deficits.  To use a phrase the President likes to use, "Let me be clear" when it comes to spending and deficits and debt President Obama is the biggest failure in American history. 

While the shutdown appears imminent over the 2011 spending, Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released a bold 2012 budget along with a 10-year budget blueprint. Encouraging elements of the proposal include reforms to existing entitlement programs such as Medicaid and pro-growth tax reforms such as cutting the $800 billion tax increase from ObamaCare and by calling for a top individual and corporate rate of 25 percent. Click here to read more about Chairman Ryan's 2012 budget proposal.

The predictable chorus of hysterical attacks from the Left began within seconds.  The most ridiculous was Nancy Pelosi (having failed to pass a budget when she was in charge) claiming that millions of senior citizens would starve if this Ryan budget is passed.  Shockingly, most of the mainstream media did not ask her to prove this outrageous untruth. 

There's good news and bad news. 

First the good:  we are on offense.  Yesterday at the rally, Congressman Mike Pence leaned over to me before he went to the microphones to speak and said, "Tim, the entire debate is not about bigger government or smaller government -- the American public has spoken on that.  It's about how big the cuts will be and that's a great start." 

The bad news:  we're in for a long, hard fight and the Left is going to ratchet up their dishonest, personal, vicious attacks on our policies and us individually.  Remember when Nancy Pelosi called us "un-American" during the health care battle and Harry Reid called us "evil-mongers"?  It's going to get worse.

But, we can win.  If, we keep fighting.

I know you're going to do just that.



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