CEI Weekly: Paul Ryan's Budget Will Cut Spending But Won't Reform Washington

Friday, April 8, 2011





Feature: Paul Ryan released his much-anticipated budget proposal this week.

FEATURED STORY: Paul Ryan's Budget Will Cut Spending But Won't Reform Washington


Congressman Paul Ryan released his budget proposal on Tuesday morning, to mixed reviews. CEI Vice President Iain Murray praised Ryan for his proposed spending cuts, which would cut trillions from America's budget; however, Murray pointed out that spending reform will only go so far toward cutting the cost of government if it isn't accompanied by true and serious regulatory reform. Read Iain Murray's blog post response to Paul Ryan's budget here.




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Justice Department Opposes Digital Privacy Reforms

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April 5, 2011: Reforming the Railway Labor Act


Russ Brown, a vice president at the Labor Relations Institute and a CEI Adjunct Analyst, talks about recent changes made to the Railway Labor Act that make it easier for airline workers to unionize. Brown recently co-authored a CEI OnPoint paper on the reforms. Congress voted against the changes in legislation, so they were passed via regulation instead. This is another example of regulation without representation.




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Congratulations to CEI Policy Analyst Michelle Minton for being named as a finalist for the Sam Adams Alliance "Sammie" Awards. Michelle's work is being recognized for helping to further the ideals of liberty and for embodying the spirit of American patriot Samuel Adams.