LPNH - Presidential Debate on June 19 in Manchester, NH

MANCHESTER -- One of the first Presidential debates of the 2012 election
cycle will take place in Manchester, NH on Sunday, June 19. Libertarian
candidates Lee Wrights and Roger Gary face off at the Highlander Inn,
starting at 6PM. The debate closes the all-day conference "Future of the
Libertarian Political Movement", sponsored by the Libertarian parties of
New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Conference organizer George Phillies said "New Hampshire, the Live Free
or Die State, is at the center of the liberty movement. There's no
better place in America to hold the first Libertarian Presidential
debate than New England."

The Libertarian presidential nominating convention is next May in Las
Vegas. The Libertarian Parties of New Hampshire and Massachusetts will
each pledge first-round delegate votes based on the candidates'
performance at the debate.

"Pledging delegate votes is tradition for us," said Rich Tomasso,
chairman of the LPNH, "We pledged our first votes for the 2008
nomination in 2005, and have been asking our members whom they support
for the 2012 contest. Now members will have the opportunity to make that
support official."

This will be the first time the Massachusetts Party has pledged a
delegate vote so early. Party chairman David Blau said, "The early
pledging delegates is very intriguing. We hope that it persuades other
candidates to declare soon."

The conference covers a full range of libertarian topics, including the
antiwar movement, GLBT outreach, alternative education, online politics
post-WikiLeaks, the Free State Project and the Libertarian Party's
prospects. Phillies added, "The Free State Project's annual summer
festival, Porcfest, starts the next day in Lancaster, bringing nearly a
thousand libertarians from across America to New Hampshire. We're
giving them two conferences in one vacation."

For more information and registration visit http://lpnh.org/June19
and http://LPMass.org/Conference


The sponsors:

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire http://LPNH.org
Libertarian Party of Massachusetts http://LPMass.org