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The Bailouts For Big Labor Continue: Obama’s Labor Board To Sue Arizona For Protecting The Rights’ Of Workers

Work Force Institute

There is a new theme that is becoming more of a trend in Washington: another day, another bailout for Big Labor compliments of the Obama Administration.  After filing a complaint against The Boeing Company for locating a plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state, the pro-union boss National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced last Friday afternoon that they would sue the state of Arizona for protecting the rights’ of workers in their state.  Last year, Arizonians went to the polls to ratify a state constitutional amendment that would protect and ensure the secret ballot in union-organizing elections.  Now, President Obama’s labor board wants to overturn the will of people by filing a law suit against Arizona.  The good news surrounding this is local Arizona officials have vowed to fight President Obama’s labor board.

To understand the significance of this complaint, it is important to understand past promises made by President Obama to Big Labor.  As a U.S. Senator, President Obama co-sponsored the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA), legislation that would eliminate the secret ballot in union-organizing elections.  As a candidate for president, President Obama promised Big Labor to make EFCA the law of the land.

And while President Obama and Big Labor underestimated the power of the small business community and will of workers to vote for unions free of intimidation, they continued to pursue this misguided legislation.  That was, however, until last November, when voters across the country elected candidates for Federal office who opposed EFCA and vowed to hold President Obama accountable for his job-killing policies.  And while this movement was occurring nationwide to elect anti-EFCA candidates, voters in the states of Arizona, South Dakota, Utah and South Carolina took to the polls to ratify constitutional amendments ensuring the secret ballot in union-organizing elections.

Expecting “payback” for their past political support of President Obama, Big Labor bosses are using the NLRB to implement policies, regulations and administrative rules that do not have the support of Congress or the American people.  In Washington, a vicious cycle exists.  Big Labor supports candidates like President Obama, who support a job-killing and anti-worker agenda.  In turn, the President’s labor board provides “payback” in the form of policies and regulations that have no chance of passing Congress.

This action by the NLRB against Arizona once again shows that President Obama and his labor board are bought and paid for by Big Labor.  In fact, it was labor boss Richard Trumka who bragged about talking to someone from the White House every single day. What do they talk about?  More ways to bailout Big Labor?


Defending defending America: Obama's NLRB v. Boeing

The Washington Examiner
Hugh Hewitt
It would be very useful if the Department of Defense were to provide the American public with a list of the manufacturers of the hundreds of different systems that played into the killing of Osama bin Laden last week.

Boeing Co. is almost certainly on that list since it is the third-largest defense contractor in America.

It makes a variety of rotorcraft, surveillance vehicles and a host of other lethal products that help make the American military the most feared and capable military in history. We don't know which company makes the secret helicopters used in the assault on bin Laden's compound, but we do know, as my fellow radio host Mark Levin noted last week, those choppers didn't get procured and deployed since January 2009.

The long arm of the American military and its CIA partners depends on technology and training that took years and years to produce. President Obama is directing missions using expertise and assets left behind by his predecessor.

Will Obama's successor in 2013? (Oh, if you doubt that, read Jay Cost on the "Food Stamp Recovery" in The Weekly Standard or the Sith Lord Rove on the map of the Electoral College from Thursday's Wall Street Journal.)

As Americans toast SEAL Team 6 and its Army pilots and vast support network, the GOP's would-be nominees should be pointing to the Pentagon that ordered and produced the tools used in the mission, and defending its budget as the president tries to find deep cuts there that will spare his favored constituencies painful reductions in government largess.

Part of that argument ought to be a vigorous defense of Boeing, now in the cross hairs of the president's Alinskyite appointees at the National Labor Relations Board.

During the first Republican presidential debate, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty brought up the NLRB's attack on Boeing's plans to build airplanes in South Carolina and the home state crowd loved it.

So will independents and defense-minded Democratic voters across the country stunned by another rise in unemployment and by Obama's relentless war on the private sector.

Boeing's new South Carolina plant is for assembly of the 787 Dreamliner, not a military aircraft, but an attack on one part of that vast company is an attack on all of it, and Obama's hard-left appointees to the NLRB are indeed attacking.

Boeing is fighting back, noting that "Boeing's decision to place the second 787 assembly line in North Charleston was based upon a number of factors, including a favorable business environment in South Carolina for manufacturing companies like Boeing; significant financial incentives from the state of South Carolina; achieving geographic diversity of its commercial-airline operations; as well as to protect the stability of the 787's global production system."

South Carolina's congressional delegation is also fully in the fray.

Pawlenty's deft decision to make the pro-Boeing argument -- on stage at a forum for GOP presidential candidates Thursday night -- demonstrated a keen ear for the news that will drive the election cycle, and set an example for the other top-tier GOP candidates.

Obama's attack on Boeing's decision to create great jobs in a red state, even when the manufacturer is one of America's great defense contractors, is a huge issue that needs to be used by GOP candidates up and down the ticket to define the president and his agenda.

Obama may have ordered the attack on bin Laden, but he has also ordered an attack on American manufacturing and defense, and especially on the freedom of businesses to build and expand where they want to.


Hatch: ‘We’re going to win’ against NLRB in South Carolina

The Daily Caller

Sen. Orrin Hatch, Utah Republican, expressed confidence that Republicans will win the fight against the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) power grab in South Carolina. “We’re going to win that one,” Hatch told The Daily Caller, referring to the NLRB’s recent charge against The Boeing Company for plans to open a non-union factory in the southern state.

In remarks to the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) at the National Press Club on Friday, Hatch compared what the NLRB is doing to judicial activism.

Hatch is one of several Republican senators who signed onto a letter Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina Republican, wrote to President Obama on Thursday demanding he immediately rescind nominations for the NLRB’s Acting General Counsel, Lafe Solomon, and board member Craig Becker.

“The NLRB, at the behest of Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon, has taken unprecedented legal action against The Boeing Company to prevent it from expanding productions into South Carolina, a state that assures workers the freedom not to join a union as a condition of employment,” the letter reads. “We consider this an attack on millions of workers in 22 right-to-work states, as well as a government-led act of intimidation against American companies that should have the freedom to choose to build plants in right-to-work states.”

The Senators said they would use all the power they had to fight the NLRB if Obama didn’t follow through and rescind their nominations.

Becker and Solomon were both recess-appointed to the NLRB and, in Becker’s case, all 41 Republican senators wrote Obama to urge him not to make Becker’s recess appointment after the Senate rejected his nomination the first time around. Solomon has not yet appeared before the Senate for confirmation.

UPDATE 1:22 p.m.:

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli ripped the NLRB at the RNLA event as well.

“Many of you have heard about the Boeing situation in South Carolina where the National Labor Relations Board has basically said that expanding into a right-to-work state to avoid union disruption is an ‘unfair labor practice,’” Cuccinelli said. “Now, if that is an unfair labor practice, what exactly is the point of having a right-to-work state? I would argue there’s none.”

Cuccinelli said the NLRB’s actions against Boeing are a “threat to every right-to-work state.”

“It goes well beyond their appropriate authority, Congressionally delegated authority,” he said. “Again, an example where one of these agencies is outside their own legal boundaries. This is going on over and over throughout the federal government.”