NRSC - Action Alert: Reject the Mileage Tax

Thought $4.00 gas was bad enough? Just wait until the Obama Administration adds a mileage-tracking device to your vehicle... Imagine every time you pull into a gas station not only feeling the pain of the Democrats failed energy plan, but then having the Federal Government inspect your vehicle to administer a mileage tax?

Click here to send a letter to your Senator asking them to reject the mileage tax.

mileagetaxThe worst part about their plan, it’s the middle class that feels the pain the most, with 9 percent of the average household budget eaten up by fuel costs.

But you know what, shame on us for being surprised… this was part of the plan all along.  Obama’s own energy secretary was quoted saying, “Somehow we need to figure out how to boost gasoline prices to the levels in Europe.” Gas is now $10 a gallon in Europe and the energy secretary says the entire Obama administration has been focused on this “plan.”

We are already seeing that plan put in motion, starting when President Obama a year ago placed a moratorium on offshore drilling. Here we are a year later, with $4 a gallon gas. But that hasn’t stopped Obama and Senate Democrats. Now they’re exploring another idea to boost the price at the pump: tax you for every mile you drive.

Please join us in sending a message to your Senator to reject the Democrat mileage tax.



 Rob Jesmer