NHDP - Republicans Are Trying to Turn NH into Mississippi of the Northeast

CONCORD - On the day New Hampshire was named as the "Most Livable State in the Nation," Republicans continued their push to turn New Hampshire into the Mississippi in the Northeast.


Gov. John Lynch today stood by his promise to veto anti-working family legislation - the so-called right-to-work bill - standing up for the middle class in New Hampshire and keeping with the successful economic strategy that has made New Hampshire a leader in economic recovery.


Reaction from Republicans in the legislature and the state Republican Committee showed they don't care about the people of New Hampshire or our economic success. Instead, they care only about pushing their extreme ideology that is out of touch with New Hampshire, and more in line with Mississippi.


"Why do Republicans want to turn New Hampshire into Mississippi? New Hampshire is routinely recognized as having one of the most business-friendly business climates in the nation and ranks highest in public safety and our schools outperform most other states," said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


"Yet Republicans insist on putting a halt to New Hampshire's economic success by pushing their extremist ideology on the people of New Hampshire. They are determined to bring failed policies and ideology rooted in the deep South here to New Hampshire," Buckley said. "We are all thankful we have Gov. John Lynch as a check against this extremism, someone who is willing to stand up to these bullies and halt their extremist agenda."


Aside from being the "Most Livable" state, New Hampshire ranks among the top 10 states in the country in median household income, share of population with private health insurance and low violent crime rate. New Hampshire schools also routinely perform above the national average. Meanwhile, Mississippi Alabama and Arkansas - all right-to-work states - rank at the bottom of virtually every economic rating, including poverty rate, median household income and median weekly income.