The New Gold Standard has arrived!

I am pleased to announce that the largest publisher of economic and financial books in the world, John Wiley & Sons, will be releasing my book The New Gold Standard on June 7th. 

One of the only books ever published on the gold standard, The New Gold Standard is the culmination of forty years of writing and research. In the 60's and 70's I was among a handful of writers advocating the legalization of gold back into American society.  In 2008 when I began writing for, the largest gold site in the world, I was the only one writing on the gold standard.  Everyone else was writing about gold as an investment.

People are again talking about a return to gold, but few truly understand how a gold standard works and what it would take to establish one today. The New Gold Standard: Rediscovering the Power of Gold to Protect and Grow Wealth, will be the definitive book on the subject. Wiley plans to market it aggressively worldwide.

The New Gold Standard makes both the moral and practical case for gold and honest money.
The workings of the gold standard both domestically and internationally are discussed in-depth, along with a thorough discussion of monetary policy, fiscal policy, exchange rates policy, and trade.   It also addresses the recent financial crisis, what went wrong, and why it is more important than ever to move back toward gold.

The comprehensive investment section of the book discusses not only gold, but also silver and resource stocks as investments.  And yes, you will find an in-depth discussion of the various scenarios we are likely to be faced with, how best to prepare for them, and the most profitable strategies for each scenario.  

This is a book whose time has come, and I am proud to share it with you. Pre-order your copy on all major booksellers’ websites now.  Or get a glimpse of the book on our all new site at  Anyone ordering a copy of the book will get a free month of my weekly commentary called "My Take," and my weekly "Market Update."  Please pass this on to those you think may be interested.

Thank you,
Paul Nathan


From the Publisher

Praise for The New Gold Standard 

"The dollar without a link to gold is like-a ship with no anchor. Paul Nathan explains the gold standard and then offers a solution on how we can get back to where we need to be,level the playing field, and protect our purchasing power. Gold is a time-tested means of preserving wealth."—Larry Kudlow Host, CNBC's The Kudlow Report

"Paul Nathan is a brilliant investor with a great track record of making big calls at big turning points in markets. Now he's making a big call on how to put the world economy back on a sound footing—by using gold as the centerpiece of a new financial order. Nathan is no 'gold bug.' His analysis of what went wrong in the recent credit train wreck, and how to lift the world out of it, is sensible and incisive. As the gold price makes new all-time highs, both investors and policy makers should pay close attention to Paul Nathan's ideas." —Donald L. Luskin Chief Investment Officer, Trend Macrolytics, LLC, coauthor, I Am John Galt

"Throughout history, gold has routinely been used as the medium of exchange and a store of value. When it comes to understanding why the world repeatedly returns to this standard, Paul Nathan is a master at putting the economics into perspective. More than a history lesson or a prognosis for current times, this book will make it clear why gold is also the money of the future."—Kevin Cochrane Professor of Economics, College of the Desert, author, The Potter's Keeper

"Paul Nathan's analysis of 'How Not to Advocate a Gold Standard' is one of the very best myth-busting dissertations I've yet seen over the years. It should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in gold and the world of money."—Jon Nadler Senior Analyst, Kitco Metals Inc., North America