DNC - Exclusive: Missing Slides from Mitt's Powerpoint

The DNC has exclusively obtained several missing slides from the Power Point presentation Mitt Romney promised he would offer to detail his latest health care plan.  It’s not surprising that the slides were omitted from Romney’s final presentation today as they detail the many positions he’s had on health reform over the years which are markedly different from what he plans to offer this morning.      

You can see the missing slides from Romney’s Powerpoint here:  http://my.democrats.org/page/-/Powerpoint/Mitt-Romneys-HC-Plan-Thru-The-Years-ppt.pdf 

The reality is that today’s speech will be only the latest in a series of politically calculated acts in Mitt Romney’s contortionist struggle to tout the health reform law he passed in Massachusetts while bashing the federal reform modeled on that law.   Romney is tying himself in knots over health reform because he’s made the calculation that in a Republican primary his Massachusetts reforms will be viewed as the equivalent of heresy.  But his record remains as clear as a bell.

The missing slides detail his previous positions including his support for an individual mandate at a federal level as far back as 1994 and as late as 2009, his championing - along with Ted Kennedy  - and signing into law health care reform in Massachusetts with an individual mandate, which he called “a model for the nation,” to Romneycare being hailed as a model for the Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama. 

But in 2011, under attack from the far right and his potential opponents, Mitt Romney is trying once again to reinvent himself. 

NOW he says that what he did in Massachusetts was fine but that it shouldn’t be imposed on the entire country.  But FOR AT LEAST 15 YEARS he supported doing just that. 

While many have accused Mitt Romney of being duplicitous, he could not have been more plain spoken than when he said in 2008 “I like mandates.”

After so many versions, you’d think Romney would finally get it right.  But instead, as detailed by the final missing slide, the plan he is unveiling today would take us backward, put the insurance companies back in charge and allow them to once again discriminate against the sick and boot children from care, explode the national debt, deny coverage to tens of millions of Americans and end Medicare as we know it. 

The fact is, Mitt Romney signed into law landmark health care reform legislation that laid the groundwork for national health care reform.  But in order to cozy up to the Republican base, he is reinventing himself and his health care plan once again.

Romney say that he wants to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.  But what he’s actually doing is trying “repeal and replace” his own record in order to appeal to Republican primary voters. 

Simply put, Mitt Romney will say anything and support any plan that gets him his party's nomination.  The question for voters is: which Mitt will show up in the White House?

You can see Romney’s Powerpoint here: