NHDP - Newt Gingrich Calls Paul Ryan's Scheme to Kill Medicare Too Extreme

Concord, N.H. - As Rep. Paul Ryan and Speaker John Boehner double-down on the Republican scheme to end Medicare as we know it, will Reps. Guinta and Bass continue to support a plan that even Newt Gingrich says is too extreme, or will they renounce their votes?


In response, Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, released the following statement:  
"Do Reps. Guinta and Bass continue to stand behind their votes for a budget that ends Medicare as we know it, slashes Medicaid and education, and eliminates the Affordable Care Act, all while giving tax breaks to billionaires and oil companies? Town hall meeting after meeting Bass and Guinta's constituents have criticized the Republicans' scheme to end medicare as we know it, and I expect that tomorrow's town hall meeting in Conway won't be any different given how angry Granite Staters are with House Republicans' out of touch agenda."    
"Republicans have proven once again that they'll put millionaires and oil corporations before senior citizens - and this is just another example of the Republicans' reckless priorities."