DNC: Tuesday's Election Results in FL and NH are Result of Extreme Policies Being Pursued by GOP Throughout the Country

Washington – Last night’s election results in Jacksonville, Florida and New Hampshire are the direct result of extreme policies being pursued by the GOP across the country, said DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Republicans lost a New Hampshire State House seat in a heavily GOP district as well as the mayor’s race in Jacksonville, Florida, a race that political analysts and partisans from both parties said was the GOP’s to lose.  DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement after Tuesday’s election results in Florida and New Hampshire:

“Democrats in Florida and New Hampshire outperformed expectations in two telling electoral contests.  Mayor-elect Alvin Brown secured an historic victory for Democrats in the Jacksonville mayor’s race – the first Democrat to hold the office in twenty years. By working with broad support from Democrats, Independents and traditionally Republican voters, Mayor-elect Alvin Brown built a message and campaign that spoke to all of Jacksonville. And in one of the most Republican districts in New Hampshire, Democrat Jennifer Daler won in a race that drew remarkable turnout.  New Hampshire voters last night rejected the extreme policies of the Republican State House majority.

“If last night’s results prove anything, it’s that the far right wing positions taken by Republicans like Rick Scott, the State House majority in New Hampshire and Congressional Republicans are being rejected by voters casting real and meaningful votes.  Republicans across the country have over-played their hand, and voters last night reacted. As long as Republicans in Washington and across the country continue to promote unwise and unpopular policies like ending Medicare as we know it to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and the wealthiest Americans, they shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by election results like we saw last night.”