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This summer I’ll be joining Americans for Prosperity Foundation for their fourth annual RightOnline conference in my home state in Minneapolis, MN on June 17-18th.

Click here to join me at RightOnline

For the fourth straight year RightOnline will take place at the same time and place as NetRoots Nation, the largest annual gathering of radical left-wing activists.

The national media will converge on Minneapolis to report on the latest news from both events. We need to show up in force at RightOnline to fight back against the Left and let the mainstream media know that the conservative movement is here to stay.

This year’s conference will feature other leaders in government, new media, and grassroots mobilization such as Fox News Contributor and best selling author Michelle Malkin, conservative commentator and author Andrew Breitbart, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn,'s Erick Erickson, and many more.

Liberals continue to attack our movement as “astroturf” or a “front group” -- and have only ratcheted up the attacks since last year. If we don’t keep up the pressure at RightOnline it won’t be long before the liberals get their way.

RightOnline will teach citizens like you how to make a difference right from your keyboard just by engaging in everyday websites like Facebook and Twitter.

I’m confident that with the skills learned at RightOnline you can make a difference online and make a meaningful impact in your communities. So be sure join me in my home state of Minnesota for a crucial gathering of conservative tea party leaders and activists.


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann