AFPNH - Weekly Update

The Statehouse in Concord continues to experience a flurry of activity as the legislature prepares for adjournment on June 30th. Below you will find information on what AFP-NH is working on and what you can do to help our efforts.

New Hampshire has the opportunity to once again influence public policy decisions all across the country. As you know, AFP-NH has been working continuously on two such pieces of legislation – the RGGI repeal and the Right-to-Work veto override.

FIRST, New Hampshire is on the precipice of being the first state in the nation to remove itself from the cap-and-trade scheme known as RGGI. The repeal of RGGI is currently attached to SB 154.  We need you to contact your House member and tell them to PASS SB154 and thus vote to repeal RGGI! CLICK HERE to find your House member and their contact information. 

It will be critically important to also contact your state senators and demand they pass SB 154 as amended. No games, no tricks, just a straight up or down vote on SB 154. 

SECONDLY, next Wednesday, the full House will move to override Governor Lynch’s veto of the Right-to-Work legislation. If we are successful in our efforts to override the Governor’s veto, it will make New Hampshire the first state in New England to enact this sort-of business friendly legislation. We also need to you contact your House member in support of this legislation.

We are VERY CLOSE to success on both the RGGI repeal and the Right-to-Work override. Contacting your representatives right away will greatly increase our chances of passing these vital pieces of legislation. Remember, we have a citizen legislature – they work for us, not the other way around. With this privilege comes the conscientious task of making our opinions known. I appreciate you upholding your responsibility to do so with regard to these issues.

THIRD, yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on HB 648 relating to eminent domain petitions by public utilities and the Northern Pass Project. The House has already passed the bill. As you know, a decision to slow progress on this land grab by Hydro-Quebec would be a victory for all private property owners in New Hampshire not just those directly affected by this particular project. AFP-NH will continue to follow this bill in the Senate and make you aware of its progress.

FOURTH, AFP-NH continues to receive a large amount of media attention due to the support you show for our events and our efforts. Please find below a few links to some of the most recent media highlights.

Union Leader piece on RGGI repeal
Washington Times piece on the Presidential Primary
Discussion on Andre Conversa Radio Program about Senator Ayotte and Hew Hampshire politics

FIFTH, as you are no doubt aware, the Granite State continues to receive potential presidential candidates. To the left you will find the latest edition of our Granite State Gatherings section as we attempt to keep you apprised of the candidate and public policy events that may be of interest to you.

FINALLY, I am happy to communicate with you on our shared efforts through these email updates. But I would also encourage you to visit our website and Facebook page for Americans for Prosperity-NH to continue to stay up-to-date on our activities and events.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

P.S. Your financial support of our efforts to reduce taxes and regulation is always appreciated. Please consider donating to AFP-NH today.