NHDP - HuffPost: Huntsman Was For Health Care Mandate Before He Was Against It


Posted: 05/20/11 04:20 PM ET


HANCOCK, N.H. -- To hear Jon Huntsman and his advisers tell it, he is a bedrock conservative on health care who took a free market approach as governor of Utah that stands in stark contrast to plans approved by President Barack Obama on the national level and by Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts.


John Weaver, the top political adviser to Huntsman in his exploration of a possible presidential bid, told The Huffington Post Friday that the Utah plan is "a clear alternative to Romney and Obama."


It's true that -- unlike Obama's and Romney's plans -- the bill Huntsman signed into law in 2008 did not include a mandate requiring health insurance or many rules compelling citizens to participate in the government-facilitated health plan exchange[...]


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