Americans For Tax Reform - Support the NH Tax Cut

Dear Granite Stater,

After watching politicians on Capitol Hill raise federal taxes by over $350 billion in just the past two years, Granite State taxpayers and small businesses need help. Fortunately there is a bill pending in the New Hampshire Senate, HB 156, that will provide much needed relief by scaling back tobacco taxes.

Over the last 5 years the Legislature has increased the tobacco tax by a whopping 242% and a .10 rollback is needed to help these small businesses. With tobacco sales comprising, on average, one-third of sales for local businesses such as convenience stores, a tobacco tax rollback would mean more job-creating capacity for New Hampshire employers. Not surprisingly, a recent survey of 150 New Hampshire retailers reveals that 91% of them say passage of the tobacco tax rollback bill will improve their bottom line. Additionally, nearly two-thirds report that passage of the bill will allow them to maintain their current workforce, thus saving jobs.

Furthermore, a tobacco tax rollback could actually help balance the budget. A recent study shows that HB 156´s 10 cent-per-pack cigarette tax cut could generate an additional $13 million in revenue for state government.

Let your state senator know that you support lower taxes that will help small businesses, help balance the budget, and both maintain and create jobs in the Granite State. Click HERE to urge your senator to support HB 156.


Grover G. Norquist
Americans for Tax Reform