CEI - EPA/NHTSA announcement on fuel economy stickers

Today, the U.S. EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) unveiled their new, improved "next generation" fuel economy sticker, which all model year 2013 vehicles will be required to display.  The agencies hype the news lables as the most dramatic overhaul to fuel economy labels since the program began more than 30 years ago," promising to provide car buyers with "more comprehensive fuel efficiency information, including estimated annual fuel costs, savings, as well as information on each vehicle's environmental impact." 

CEI's Marlo Lewis explains the thinking behind the agencies' redesign of the fuel economy label. The agencies imagine that mandating more information via stickers will finally cause consumers to forego SUVs and other vehicles disfavored by environmentalists and government agencies.  In a clumsy attempt at behavioral manipulation, the agencies originally planned to assign letter grades to vehicles, based on fuel efficiency, with the "best" vehicles earning an "A" grade and the "worst" vehicles earing a "D" grade.  But that plan was scrapped when the House intervened; hence, the stickers unveiled today.

"Years of SUV-bashing, fuel-economy prosyletizing, climate-change scaremongering, and high gasoline prices have failed to kill SUV sales," Marlo Lewis writes on Globalwarming.org today. "Could that have something to do with the attributes of the vehicles - their size, safety, and utility? Are there no physical differences between SUVs and cars greenies insist are 'smart'?"

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