NHDP - Chris Sununu Slams Richard Head's Handling of FRM

Concord, NH - Executive Councilor Chris Sununu today publicly attacked how U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte handled the FRM matter and consumer protection issues in general during her tenure as Attorney General.
"Chris Sununu today directed his attacks at Richard Head, a fine and respected public servant. But in truth, Chris Sununu was really attacking how Kelly Ayotte ran the Department of Justice, Kelly Ayotte's handling of FRM, and Kelly Ayotte's overall disinterest in consumer protection issues," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.
"It's unfortunate that Sununu chose to try to pin the blame for Kelly Ayotte's failings on a member of her staff," Kirstein said. "If Chris Sununu wants to attack, he should be honest: the blame belongs to Kelly Ayotte. If Ayotte had focused on consumer protection, instead of using the office for political purposes - like leading a losing attack on abortion rights, maybe things would have been different." 
At the same time Sununu is making his attacks on the Department of Justice under Ayotte's leadership, the Republican House has eliminated all funding for consumer protection division in the Department of Justice.
"The Republican efforts to dismantle consumer protection will lead to many more FRMs," Kirstein said.