NHDP - Vice President Biden Joins Enthusiastic NH Dems

Vice President Biden, Governor Lynch Join Enthusiastic New Hampshire Democrats at Nashua Dinner


Nashua, NH - Tonight Vice President Joe Biden and Governor John Lynch joined hundreds of enthusiastic New Hampshire Democrats at the New Hampshire Democratic Party's McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner in Nashua.


Over fifty years ago, New Hampshire Democrats started the 100 Club dinner to promote the candidacy of John F. Kennedy for President. Each year the dinner has attracted the most prominent politicians to speak year after year. The dinner began at 6:00 pm and was held at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua.


The Vice President addressed a room filled to capacity at approximately 500 people. "You and the folks of Iowa are so attuned to what's happening minute by minute. You know elections are about the future, and they are never about the past, and for us that means restoring the American dream and giving middle class folks a shot."


Governor Lynch came with a powerful message: "New Hampshire House Republicans have cut the safety net - leaving New Hampshire citizens without the services they need. That's not the New Hampshire way. Now more than ever we need to stand up for our priorities, for our schools, our businesses, for the environment and for the most vulnerable among us."


Senator Shaheen also called in to address event attendees by telephone directly following her Senate vote to defeat the Republicans' reckless budget that would end Medicare as we know it.


New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley also addressed the crowd, "Working with President Obama, Joe Biden has played a key role in turning our economy around and getting America on the right track."