AFP - Some Republicans are acting like Obama on a key issue

It seems like some in Washington never learn – even after a powerful election message is sent.

Remember when President Obama and then-Speaker Pelosi poured taxpayer subsidies into their pet environmental project: electric cars. They gave a whopping $7,500 subsidy for each car! Then, they piled more “stimulus” dollars into propping up wind and solar projects that were not able to compete in the free marketplace.

AFP and conservative Republican members of Congress rightly attacked this wasteful example of big government picking winners and losers based on ideology and special interest.

But now, more than 75 House Republicans have joined with 100 House Democrats to cosponsor a bill pouring taxpayer subsidies into once again having government handpick a winner in the energy markets. This time the pet project is natural gas.

As Yogi Berra liked to say, “it’s déjà vu all over again.”

It looks like some Republicans are falling into the same old trap of attacking big government spending and special interest politics when the Democrats are in power but then doing much the same thing when they have a majority.

Click here to take action and sign a petition telling these 75 plus House Republicans not to do exactly what we and they rightly attacked Obama\Pelosi\Reid for doing just last year.

The legislation I’m talking about: U.S. Rep. John Sullivan’s (R-Okla.) bill called the NAT GAS Act (H.R. 1380) a bill that contains an astonishingly complete special tax package for natural gas powered vehicles, including tax credits if you buy a natural gas car and $10,000 per car for automakers to produce them. All told, it’s more than $5 billion a year in special carve outs to push one technology to the front of the line. Click here to learn more about the bill.

Natural gas is a great domestic energy source and it may well be the next fuel for American cars, but that’s a decision for consumers to make, not Congress.

Click here to take action and sign a petition telling House Republicans not to pick winners and losers in the energy markets.


Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity